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The intervention of the Program takes as conceptual references the approaches developed by the UNFCCC, and Disaster Risk Reduction. This intervention also includes elements of the approaches on the Basin, systemic and sustainable means of living. Likewise it welcomes criteria of multiculturalism, gender and social equity.

Systemic Approach

The systemic approach gets the best of the orientations of many previous development approaches and complements them. Under this approach, projects must articulate legitimate and permanent actors involved in the system or systems in which the project intervenes in order to strengthen their skills, support them and encourage them to comply and improve their functions. The approach emphasizes changes that allow the actors to overcome the barriers that inhibit proper performance in sustainability of actions promoting ownership and trigger larger scale impacts.

Under this approach, projects must limit their direct intervention, avoiding the risks of replacing or substituting public or private actors, who have responsibility for the provision of services and/or products to target populations. Projects are entitled to play a facilitating role.

In this context the interventions require flexibility, diversity and risk management skills, diversifying their activities as well as the ability to read the changes in the context and capitalize on opportunities. Play a catalytic role, sparking broader changes from small actions focused and defined in time.