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"Strengthening actions , climbing answers"

For sustainable improvement in the lives of rural Andean populations to a changing climate.

Effects of second phase

Effect 1: "Regional (sub-national) policies are implemented"

Regional and local governments of Cusco and Apurimac implement strategies for climate change adaptation in an articulated and effective way.


  • Achieve a clear articulation between the strategy and the mechanisms for public investment.
  • Compromise monitoring mechanisms.
  • Strengthen professional capacities for managing adaptation criteria within the framework of public investment.
  • Achieve social participation and surveillance in an informed and proactive way for policy compliance.
  • Improve the inter-sectorial and intergovernmental articulation (national-regional-local) for the implementation of adaptation strategies.

Effect 2: "Solid evidence supporting action"

Rural Andean population provide useful evidence for public policy, while implementing innovative responses for climate change adaptation.


  • Provide solid evidence on the effects and impacts of good adaptive practices within the rural area for fostering their extension.
  • Adjust knowledge and technologies for their replication in varied environments.
  • Promote attitudes and institutional capacities for accepting experimentation and innovation as well as leadership in carrying out knowledge management processes on adaptation.

Effect 3: "Research and training in adaptation"

Universities in Cusco and Apurimac perform applied research and train professionals that contribute to climate change adaptation.


  • Strengthen dialogue platforms between the university, the regional government and civil society on research priorities for regional and local development in a climate change context.
  • Strengthen capacities for scientific basic and applied research in related topics.
  • Promote collaborative work with national and international academic centres and research institutions.
  • Create mechanisms to motivate the research activities of professors.

Effect 4: "Up scaling and articulation"

National governmental bodies upscale rural innovative adaptive responses through public policies based on evidence, generating inputs to global dialogue.


  • Make available to decision makers proposals and solid evidence for rural adaptive practices, useful for public policy.
  • Foster inter-sectorial and intergovernmental dialogue on climate change management, promoting articulation, alignment and cooperation.
  • Explore the up-scaling potential of adaptive responses through national public mechanisms at local rural areas.