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Introduction to the first phase


We started our activities in February 2009, where families, communities, officials and authorities of local and regional governments and diverse institutions of Apurimac and Cusco joined forces to meet, inform, act, co-manage, learn and insist on the effects of climate change on our lives and on our opportunities and alternatives.

We promote research, activities, strategies and sustainable development policies, encouraging rural populations to revalue their agricultural practices to improve their lives and reduce their vulnerability to the imbalances caused by climate change.

During the four years of the First Phase of PACC, there have been multiple and diverse stakeholders who participated and made the achievements possible. In this section you will find information on the effects and impacts, products and services produced, the resources generated and lessons learned.

Start and development

A contest within the Swiss global cooperation allowed SDC-Peru to obtain the resources needed to implement the PACC.

Scope of intervention and actors