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Facing unprecedented drying of the Central Andes? Precipitation variability over the period AD 1000–2100

Carol Silva Scientific Articles 2015-08-21
Projected future trends in water availability are associated with large uncertainties in many regions of the globe. In mountain areas with complex topography, climate models have often limited capabilities to adequately simulate the precipitation variability on small spatial scales.

How useful and reliable are disaster databases in the context of climate and global change? A comparative case study analysis in Peru

Carol Silva Scientific Articles 2015-08-21
Damage caused by weather- and climate-related disasters have increased over the past decades, and growing exposure and wealth have been identified as main drivers of this increase. Disaster databases are a primary tool for the analysis of disaster characteristics and trends at global or national scales, and they support disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. However, the quality, consistency and completeness of different disaster databases are highly variable.